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Are you interested in joining Redeemed? are you interested in serving on one of our awesome ministry teams? if so, please fill out the form below and one of our team leaders will follow-up with you! we are so excited about you getting connected with us! a list of our ministry teams can be found below.

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Armor Bearer's Ministry (Service)

Assigned to spiritually and physically assist the Pastors of the house, these selected individuals are at the right hand of the pastors during prayer, preaching, and after service.

Banner & Flag Ministries (Praise & Performing Arts)

Part of the performing arts ministry, banners and flags are created and used by the RCFMI Dance Team as well as other ministry groups for praise, worship and prophetic pageantry.

CKC (Cool Kids for Christ)

Cool Kids for Christ is an interactive ministry experience for children ages 2-11 years old. All kids are invited to hear the Word of God taught in a fun, relatable, interactive and exciting experience every Sunday morning.

Food Distribution Ministry (Outreach)

The food distribution ministry is one of the many community outreach programs provided for by the loving saints at Redeemed. Feeding over 200 individuals and families a month, the Food Distribution Ministry provides nutritious food and beverages to those in need. Volunteers are needed and are welcome! Come and be a blessing and watch how God blesses you!

Gatekeepers/Security (Service)

Provides an opportunity for men to serve together and maintain the order the house during weekly services. It's also an opportunity to ensure that the sanctuary is prepared before service and restored after service.

Greeters/Ushers Ministry (Service)

Provides an opportunity to demonstrate that Agape love that is written about in the Bible. This ministry is the first point of contact has hands on communication with people and first opportunity to display the love of God that will invite them into the house of God.

Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Ministry (Fellowship)

Iron Sharpens Iron is a mentoring program for young men. We provide fellowship and seek to spiritually edify and equip men of God. This is an opportunity to search the scriptures for answers to life's everyday trials and tests. Also an opportunity sharpen each other in the wisdom of the Lord. Outside of meeting and obtaining counsel, these men fellowship outside of the meeting room to engage in various activities such as bowling, basketball, and sports events.

Man Up ages 7-17 (Outreach)

Man Up is our outreach ministry for young males ages 7-17. The purpose of this ministry is to reach those young males in the community that are in need of strong male role models, big brothers, mentors, and active weekly fellowship and guidance. This ministry meets on a weekly basis and engages in an array of activities, discussions, and learning sessions to guide and cultivate our young men. Led by Min. Emmanuel Smith, this ministry is an outreach that is vitally important in our community and neighborhoods.

Media Ministry (Service)

Provides tapes, CD's, DVDs, publications and flyers to visitors, guests, and members.

Missionary Ministry (Service)

This group of God driven women go out on missions for kingdom building and to show the Lord's love. Visiting children homes, nursing homes and the sick and shut in. This group, driven by purpose and prayer, travel with the grace and love of God.

Music Ministry (Praise & Performing Arts)

Psalmists, organists, keyboard players, drummers, guitarists, etc. God invites you to pick up your instruments and play for the Lord and his house.

My Good Thing Married Couples Ministry (Fellowship)

Marriage is an institution that was created by God. It's a commitment that is supposed to last for life. With all the pressure and stress in our culture it seems like commitment is becoming a tough thing for people to stick with. We see families breaking up all the time. The effects it has on children and adults can be devastating. We know that God desires for us to build solid families that are healthy as they grow in him. Led by the wisdom and strong marriage of Apostle and Prophetess Smith, this ministry is designed to help couples strengthen their marriage and their families.

Pastor's Aide

The Pastor's Aide committee ensures that the Pastors needs are met and coordinates gifts, etc.

Pulpit Attendants

The pulpit attendant ministry assists in serving the man and woman of God during inside and outside engagements. Also assists in working the altar.

RCFMI Dance Ministry (Praise & Performing Arts)

Part of our performing arts ministry, this group of anointed vessels have a calling on their life to go forth and minister in the art of dance. These young women live by the command..."Praise him with the timbrel and dance" Consisting of dancers ranging in age from 14 to 30, these blessed and special women of God minister at every Sunday service as well as special engagements with the Pastors.

RCFMI Praise Ministry (Praise & Performing Arts)

Warfare singers equipped to slay in the spirit through warfare praise & worship for the deliverance and healing of God's people.

School of Ministry Training

If you'd like to be ordained or licensed as a Deacon, Minister, Pastor, Prophet, Teacher or just an auxiliary or church team leader, this is for you. Classes are held once a month at our main location on Harper. Registration is conducted personally after consultation with Apostle and Prophetess Smith. To schedule a meeting with Apostle Smith, please call 313-208-2537.

Single, Saved and Satisfied Ministry (Fellowship)

The purpose of this ministry is to provide an environment for singles to grow and mature in Christ first while strengthening and fellowshipping with other singles.

Sons Of Thunder Prophetic Mime Ministry

Part of our performing arts ministry, this group of anointed men have a calling on their life to go forth and minister in the art of prophetic mime. Consisting of mime team members ranging in age from 12 years old to over 30 years old, these blessed men of God minister at every Sunday service as well as special engagements with the Pastors.

Street Outreach Ministry & Evangelism (S.O.M.E. Will)

This is an opportunity for people who are willing to live out Matthew 28:19 and go make disciples. The Street Outreach Ministry Team travels to different communities, neighborhoods, and areas to spread God's love & calling through tracts, the Word of God, and ministry flyers.

Welcome & Hospitality Ministry (Service)

Provides refreshments and meals for special guests, guest pastors and members of RCFMI while creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that leaves a memorable impression of God’s Spirit and love.

WOP3 Women’s Ministries (Women of Prayer, PraIse & Power)

The women’s ministry founded by Prophetess Shavarn Smith. It is designed to educate, empower, encourage and unite women in the Body of Christ. The women’s ministry encourages fellowship during our meetings featuring topics including self-esteem, beauty and image, purpose, and how to live in excellence in all facets of your life. Our ministry equips women to take their lives to the next level in God!

Sip ‘N Chat Professional Women’s Forum

Sip N Chat Professional Women’s Forum is an organization to assist women in reaching their maximum potential professionally and socially by providing women with the ability to succeed in all facets of life. SNCPWR will have professionals in their field of expertise to educate women on specific areas that’s indispensable and will bring about inspiration and empowerment. For more information on Sip N Chat, please visit www.sipnchat.org